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Summer Resolutions: Honor Table Manners

Mealtimes at The Heart are an absolute JOY! The food is fantastic, and the diners are delightful. Overall, The Heart beats just a little happier. Included with the meal, is appreciating table manners.

While we allow girls to bang on the tables, (in a structured fashion of course) we also expect that they practice their best table manners. It is our goal to prepare these young ladies for the world in every way possible. Including proper etiquette at meal times! Surprisingly, employers are known to seriously consider their job candidate’s table etiquette as indicative of that person’s value as a representative

A comprehensive course on table manners is provided by dining family style. Girls of all ages sit together and we find it to be a win-win situation! By sitting with the older girls, the younger ones can pick up on new vocabulary and social cues. Meanwhile, by sitting with the younger girls, the older ones work to model good behavior. 

Our counselors help campers hone their table manners by reminding them to pass the salt and pepper together, to ask before taking the last of a dish, to say “please” and “thank you,” setting their fork down between bites, and everything in between. Then occasionally someone calls out, “Napkin check!” and little white flags raise from every camper to show off that they have made it through their meal without mussing up their napkins too much. 

Honoring Table Manners is about Honoring Community

Coming together for meals is (pardon the expression) at the heart of humanity. Meal times at The Heart are a memorable part of summer and through our table manners we seek to honor the sacred act of communal dining.

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