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Summer Resolutions: Honor Health and Happiness

Health and happiness are key to a successful Heart! Every night our campers fill out a Health and Happiness, or H&H, chart to track their personal hygiene, responsibilities around camp, punctuality, and consideration for others. The H&H structure is a great starting point for social and emotional learning. 

Practicing self-reflection is imperative to the formation of healthy habits. Because self-reflection may not come naturally, our H&Hs are so useful! The camper has the opportunity to reflect on her day: “Did I wash my hands before meals today?” “Was I respectful of my tepee mates’ space?” “On time to activities?” “Was I respectful and nice to my counselors today?” “Is there anything I’m grateful for today? What is it?” She can feel good about herself and her day when “yes” is the answer. If the answer is “no,” no stress because tomorrow is an opportunity to work on what she needs to- now that she sees it’s something to work on! H&Hs are a great aid in structuring expectations of oneself and creating an integral sense of self-responsibility. 

Responsibility is a Habit

Responsibility isn’t born overnight, and each day we work to cultivate it in our campers. Counselors model expected behavior and assist in skill building in areas the camper may need help in. H&Hs provide structure, routine, and manageable expectations for our girls to keep in mind throughout the day and to reflect on at night. At the end of the day, the self-sufficient, independent individual has only themselves to answer to, and young people that are taught to embody integrity early on become valuable members of society.  

Request a copy of a blank H&H for your daughter to use at home, or draft your own! When they get to camp they’ll be expected to complete one a week and it will be easier if they’re already in the routine!

May Health and Happiness be yours!

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