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Summer Resolutions: Honor First and Last Names

Community, community, community! It’s what camp is all about, especially at Heart O’ the Hills where there are no unfamiliar faces. With such a small camp population, there’s no way to experience a summer without being on a first name basis with everyone. But what about last names!? Our last name sets us apart from all of the other Dicks, Janes, and Kathys. Last names are the difference between being just another Jane, and being Jane Ragsdale who is responsible for The Heart. This summer, seek to honor first and last names.

When people know that everyone around them knows their first and last names, they feel more responsible for their actions. They tend to act in a manner that identifies them as respectable. Identity and accountability are inseparable in small communities. As they say, states become traits, and if our campers hold themselves in a state of accountability, it will become a trait they will possess for the rest of their life. 

While our staff knows everyone’s first and last names, it is important that our campers learn as well. Community thrives on the individual and their sense of self, which starts with their name- also known as  “the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”  We want our campers to embrace the importance of knowing the full names of those around them, for their own sake and for the sake of everyone they will meet.Calling each other by name shows that we regard each other as individuals. We wear our name tags daily as a means to help remind us of that particular Katherine’s last name. But, name tags shouldn’t be a crutch. So, take some time with your kiddo to practice name retention (for first and last names). It’s a skill we teach at camp but, as with anything, continual practice ensures mastery.

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