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Selfless Staff Members: The True Magic of Camp

The idea of sending your kid away to live with strangers can be daunting. So it’s totally understandable to wonder who will be tending to your camper! While you may have heard of Ragsdale Family Camps, or may have spoken to a few of the directors while researching Heart O’ the Hills, who will be in the cabin with your camper?! Usually cabin assignments are not confirmed until Opening Day. So, you won’t know your campers’ counselor until then. But, this blog should give you an idea of what we look for in our staff members. 

As soon as one summer is over, we start working on the next! Because we want quality people working with our families, we take our time hiring counselors. The counselor’s job is demanding, and requires grit. Typically college students, our counselors are fun people that demonstrate a nurturing attitude and a flexible mind. They put others’ needs above their own and are motivated to make a great impact on campers. 

A handful of our staff members are former campers. Because they know how it feels on the camper-end of things, they are driven to provide the same experience for their campers. Another handful of our staff members are internationals! How fun!? Our international staff are eager to share their culture and learn about American culture. Of course, we do have domestic staff members as well and they too are chock-full of skills and wonder to share!

Regardless of where they are from, each of our counselors brings unique spirit and devotion to our campers!

From the kitchen, to maintenance, horseback, cabins, and the office, every staff member plays a vital role and it is their selflessness that makes camp happen! All of our staff members are agents of change. We hire them because we believe they will bring their best qualities to camp, and have the best influence on your camper! Staff training is two weeks long, and you can learn more about it here.

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