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Group Living: A Treasure Trove of Important Lessons

For some folks, their first experience truly away from home is college. College is demanding enough without having to learn how to live on your own on top of it! Group living teaches necessary soft skills such as boundary setting, conflict resolution, and how to share space. At camp, these lessons feel like one big sleepover with your best friends! How fun!

Typically on the first night of camp, each cabin drafts an agreed-on set of rules. Sometimes they even make a list of personal goals for this summer. The rules sign hangs up in the cabin as a reminder of the common courtesy due to each other. Meanwhile, the list of personal goals for this summer reminds the girls to encourage themselves and each other. Cabin mates celebrating each others’ victories is key to maintaining healthy relationships, especially when competing against each other all day!

Overnight campers get the benefit of developing realistic expectations of themselves and each other. Through trial, error, and guidance from their counselor, campers learn skills to positively shape their relationships.  

Learning through play is essential. Though it may feel like they’re always playing, campers are learning important group living skills. These skills will help them contribute to whatever society they choose to be in. The Heart seeks to find lessons in every moment, and fun in every lesson!

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