Camp Prepares Girls for Life, And School Too!

Kids who go to camp for the summer are more prepared for school in the fall! Summer camp is rejuvenating, and prepares campers for school. They’ve had time to play in the sun and enjoy themselves. Practicing poise, feeling the exhilaration of enthusiasm, and experiencing the importance of integrity all while refueling their souls at camp.  


In numerous ways, campers get their daily dose of poise practice! Before the entire camp, campers are invited to share their opinions on our Thought o’ the Day. In classes, campers are encouraged to speak up and contribute to planning and discussions. Running for officer positions requires campers to speak before their peers and present themselves confidently.

It is in the small things that we demonstrate poise and confidence. Camp provides numerous, achievable instances for girls to exercise their poise. All walks of life require confidence. School is no exception. During the summer, campers practice making speeches and talking to large groups. That practice pays off in school!


There’s no shortage of enthusiasm at camp! The trick is, learning that you can take that enthusiasm anywhere. Turning a situation around requires just a little enthusiasm! Though camp is designed to be fun, there are times where you have to reach in a little deeper for some excitement, and that’s ok! That searching and reaching is a valuable lesson!

Enthusiasm isn’t a fleeting feeling, it’s an approach to life. An approach that we often need for school. When working on school projects, teamwork, sports, and the like, students rely on a degree of enthusiasm. During the summer, campers develop the habit of enthusiasm.


Sometimes integrity feels just like a word we’re trying to bring back into style. But, it’s something our campers practice each day. Every day challenges campers to lose with a smile on their face and a laugh in their hearts. Or, to modestly accept victory. At the end of the day, campers know that they must answer to themselves. “Did I do my best?” “Was I honest?” “How could I have handled that situation a little better?”

Integrity is necessary everywhere you go, but especially at school. In different ways, school challenges the individual’s will, persistence, and problem solving. Girls who have had the chance to understand and foster their own integrity are better equipped to face challenges at school.


Overall, camp prepares our girls for school by allowing them to hone their social skills. They can learn all about social dynamics at camp, so when they’re at school they can focus more on academics. At The Heart, campers have the opportunity to discover and develop themselves. By becoming their best self, our campers become contributors to society.

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