A Typical Day at Camp: Fun Activities and Ice Cream Galore!

So you may be wondering what a typical day at camp looks like! We have you covered! Here’s a quick overview of how a day at camp looks.

Morning is Here

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah rings through the PA system, awakening camp! Campers and staff sleepily rise, and get ready for the day. Promptly after getting dressed, the entire camp assembles on our large tile heart, called The Heart. We raise the flag, and make a few announcements. From there, we move to the dining hall for breakfast! 

After breakfast is the first activity. Most of our activities are 45 minutes long, with a bugle sounding the start and end of each one. Some activities, such as horseback, are 90 minutes long. After three more activity periods, the morning wraps up with Powwoww. Powwoww is a time where campers gather in either their divisions or their tribe for a quick twenty minute discussion before lunch!

Ah lunch, one of the most memorable times at camp. Before entering the dining hall, campers assemble at their table hearts, which reflect our table assignments. When all of camp is outside and waiting for lunch, we sing a little prayer then enter. Two counselors head each table, and grade campers’ manners on their table credit sheets. After everyone has had a minute to politely shove food in their face, we serve homemade ice cream! After our beloved ice cream is singing! Jane leads is in singing camp songs, and it is truly one of the best camp-wide bonding moments. 


After lunch, campers rush to the mail room to pick up letters and packages from home. The sun is high at this time, so after campers collect mail they scamper off to their cabins for Siesta. Ideally, everyone will sleep during Siesta. But, naps aren’t for everyone, so everyone is expected to be quiet enough for others to sleep. 

When Siesta ends, campers rush to The Village for snack. Our Heart LITes distribute more ice cream! It is summer after all! After snack, campers mosey on over to their next activity. There are two activity periods in the afternoon, followed by a thirty minute rest period before we gather for the evening flag. 

After the evening flag, we head on up to the dining hall for dinner! Just like with lunch, dinner is capped with good ole camp singing! When we are done with dinner, we run back to our cabins to get ready for the evening activity. Most evening activities are camp-wide, though there are a few throughout the term that are not. As camp draws closer, we will announce our program calendar so everyone will know what evening activities to expect! 

Day is Done

After our evening activity wraps up, campers head to the garage for Milk Line! We firmly believe a small carton of milk (white or chocolate) is the perfect nightcap to a wonderful day at camp. Taps blows and everyone crawls into their bunks to rest up for the next day! 

We believe a typical day at camp is anything but a typical day anywhere else! Check out our blogs on class schedules, meals, and Siesta to learn some of the finer points of each.

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