Campanion: Your new favorite app!

Download today and sign in with the same credentials used for the camper application.

Before Covid hit last summer, we intended on rolling out one of CampMinders newest updates, an app called Campanion. We were so excited to be one of the first camps able to offer this to their parents. However, after much contemplation, we figured we had enough on our plates than to roll out a new program. Especially in the middle of trying to plan for the ever-changing summer!

One thing that I have always loved about CampMinder, our database host, is that they are always looking for ways to make what we do easier and better! We have always been eager to test run all of the new improvements which has helped us get them to you even quicker!

We are now able to move forward with the roll out of Campanion. With Campanion you can see photos of your camper and follow a stream of updates from camp. The Campanion app connects you to camp like never before, with Face Finder, Microposts, Photos, Letters and more.

More About Campanion:

Face Finder

The new app uses “Face Finder”, a facial recognition program, to find photos of your camper. After finding the photos, the program notifies you when they are uploaded.

With a few quick steps, you can upload a training photo of your camper. Do this by either taking a photo through the app before your camper leaves for camp OR use a photo from your camera roll!

Once the training photo is uploaded, Face Finder does the rest. Campanion will find and deliver pictures of your camper directly to your device. While not every photo will be tagged, this new feature will make it easier than ever to see photos of your campers while they are at camp.


While Jane will continue to post her daily updates throughout the summer, this new platform will allow us to share quick updates throughout the day to keep you informed on the happenings of camp! These microposts will allow us to share video and audio clips as well as simple text through-out the day!


There are many ways to sort through the many photos we post every day.

To get the full experience of activities from the day at The Heart, scroll through the entire daily photo album. Daily, there will be an album of “must see” photos that our staff think give the best snapshot of the day’s activities! Or if you just want to see photos of your camper, go straight to the album located at the top of the app, to view tagged photos of your camper!

This is all done to make sure you have the most insight possible into what your camper is doing while at camp.

As an added bonus, all photo downloads are free. You can save pictures of your camper at no cost to send to family members, print and hang on the fridge, or simply have in your camera roll.

Letters and More

The same service you have grown to love for sending emails to your campers, just got easier! From the mobile app, you can now compose letters in the app that get printed and hand-delivered to your camper. Responses will be delivered directly to your email box! Hand written replies from your camper will still be available with a click of a button!

We hope you are excited to get started with this app as much as we are! To get started, simply head over to the app store and download the app! Then simply log-in to the app with the same credentials used for the camper application. If you have any issues, do not hesitate to call us OR the amazing folks at CampMinder! You can reach them directly at 303-444-2267.

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