Packages and Mail: The Embargo Continues

Last summer we made a very tough decision to not allow packages to be mailed to The Heart! While letters were still allowed, we did not allow packages of any size to be sent to camp. And while it was a big adjustment, we found it to be a lot easier on everyone involved! We were no longer making two trips to the post office a day to get packages, campers weren’t inundated with 10 packages a day – leaving them with no where to put the things they were recieving, and our post master was a lot happier with us because her tiny post office had a little more room each day!

Because of this, we have decided to keep this new rule going forward.

There are still plenty of ways to keep in touch with your camper! Snail mail, emails through Campanion/CampInTouch, and small packages dropped off at opening (see below).

Rachel had some very helpful tips last summer after the first announcement of no packages, so here is a refresher of some of the ideas or answers to the questions that are floating likely around in your head!

Double Drop-off: Your Camper and Her Packages

If you’re someone who loves to send your camper a package during the term, there are stills ways to do so, it’ll just take a little more planning ahead. You can bring any packages you’d like delivered to your camper during the term with you to drop-off on Opening Day. This way we can thoroughly sanitize the packages and still bring some cheer from home. This of course includes packages for holidays, birthdays, or just because. 

We will have a station outside of the office for package drop-off. Please clearly label the package with your camper’s name, teepee, and the delivery date.

Trading Post Prime

Another simple way to give your camper a smile is through a package from the Trading Post. You can customize your order or easily purchase a pre-made care package that we will deliver to your camper.

Dear Mom, I forgot…

Those essentials that always somehow slip out of the trunk are taken care of too. If your camper forgets their toothpaste, shampoo, socks, etc., we can grab an order for them while we make a town-run. Just contact the Office if ever in doubt about getting something to your camper, and we will take care of it.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


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