Summer Prep: “The Ultimate Checklist”

Can you believe that summer is nearly here! We are so excited for the campers’ arrival!

As we are making sure that camp is ready, we would just like to make sure that everything is in line for your camper.

Opening Day Information:

Our streamlined drop-off and pick-up process for Summer 2021 allows us to reduce exposure for our health and safety at The Heart– while delivering the energy and excitement you expect during drop-off and pick-up (even with a few improvements over 2020)!

  • Sign up by following the links below:
  • For a glimpse of drop off 2021 will look like, check out this video!

COVID Policy for Summer 2021:

All staff members are urged to be vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to arrival at camp. If staff are unable to obtain only one of a two-series vaccine, camp will strive to aid staff in receiving second dose.

This summer, to be on the safe side, we will still be functioning in Pods like last summer. When campers and staff are within their Pod (age division), they will not be required to wear their mask. The only times we anticipate that campers and staff will need to wear a mask are as we enter the dining hall, sing indoors, or otherwise interact closely with those outside of their Pod. So masking should be very minimal! 

Regular hand washing and other good hygiene practices will be encouraged for everyone.

We will monitor everyone daily for symptoms. Should anyone exhibit symptoms, they will be isolated until the cause of their symptoms can be determined or whenever appropriate after symptoms disappear, per the judgment of our medical staff. 

We expect to have a healthy camp again this year.

Tuition Payment:

It is our policy that camp tuition and any other fees be paid by this time. If money is owed, please remit payment of balance at your earliest convenience, or contact us to make other arrangements. If you feel that there is a mistake on your camper’s account, please be sure to contact us!

Forms and Documents:

The following forms must be filled out for your camper to attend and participate in all the camp activities. Please fill out any missing forms and submit them to The Heart as soon as possible. Below we have the status of your forms listed:

  • Activity Preference
  • Additional Options
  • Bunk Requests
  • Camper Profile
  • Camper Tenure Card
  • Claim a Flag
  • Drop Off/Pick Up 2021
  • Health History
  • Health Pre-Screen
  • HOH Camper/Parent Agreement
  • Horseback Participation
  • Immunization
  • Medication Form
  • Parent Authorization
  • Physicians Examination

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Bunk Preparation Tips for Campers:

  • Gather your campers bedding items, don’t forget a cozy blanket and your favorite pillow!
  • Pack pictures from home for your camper to hang in her bunk
  • Stuffed animals for your camper’s bed
  • Stationery, Address labels or Pre-Adressed envelopes for your camper to write home!
  • Books, puzzles, color sheets for quiet time in the bunk!

Preparing for your time at camp:

  • Are you shipping your trunk? Ship it to camp with plenty of time for it to arrive (two weeks).
  • Download the Campanion App and add your campers training photo to the system.
  • Share the camp address with family and friends and encourage them to write letters, but remember that packages are not allowed!
  • Write letters to your camper ahead of camp and mail them ahead of time so your camper has mail the first day!
  • Prep packages ahead of time: You can bring any packages you’d like delivered to your camper during the term with you to drop-off on Opening Day. This of course includes packages for holidays, birthdays, or just because.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns as camp approaches. We are happy to help, and can’t wait for all our girls to arrive!


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