Truthfulness: The First of our 8 Traits

truthfulness logo“For truthfulness, this candle’s glow reaches deep within the heart of our Jo Jones Girl.  This trait gives the clarity of vision that enables her to see the TRUTH.  She grows toward wisdom, knowledge, and the understanding of humanity because of this unique virtue.  The light of TRUTH guides our Jo Jones Girl to the awareness of an inner peace.”

The world has faced a lot of hardship this past year. It has been especially troubling for adolescents who have missed out on over a year of socialization and peer growth.

This summer, we’ve witnessed the results of this drastic shift in daily life. Some girls are ready to socialize more than ever, while others are extremely overwhelmed and struggling to acclimate to the current conditions. Therefore, more than ever, this Jo Jones trait acts as a unifying force in these difficult times.

The trait of Truthfulness symbolizes a Jo’s ability to seek understanding of others so that she can be of service to them. Through doing this, she is able to find an understanding of herself. In a time when many girls are questioning both the world and themselves, the trait of truthfulness represents a girl who strives to be aware of the world around her so that she can share her thoughts with others.

By learning and growing through experience, she is able to obtain the knowledge and wisdom she needs to create genuine connections with others.  A Jo Jones girl seeks to see the light in the darkest of times.


— Chloe Lawrence

About the author: Chloe grew up in Austin, spent 10 summers as a camper, and has been a counselor, too. She studied at Dickinson in Ohio and now at UT-Austin, where she majors in social work. Chloe is a Jo Jones girl.

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