Unselfishness: An Intriguing Trait

This candle burns to signal UNSELFISHNESS, a characteristic living in the girl we honor here tonight.  We give very little when we give away our possessions; it is when we give of ourselves that we truly give.  We can buy for ourselves the material things in life, but it is when we give our time, our pleasures, and our love that we truly reflect the spirit of UNSELFISHNESS.

The trait of unselfishness is an intriguing trait.  It seems simple, right?  One can give away their belongings, buy food or give money to those in need.  While those are simple gestures that can go a long way, it is when we give time out of our personal lives to help the community around us that exemplifies unselfishness.

The line in the memorial vespers “it is when we give of ourselves that we truly give” hits home to me.  How true is it when we give our time, our talents, our energy to others is when we truly give.  A smile, a laugh with a friend, giving a compliment, helping a student learn a new concept, listening to a loved one in need, or just showing up are all examples of being unselfish.

The older I get the more I realize how difficult it is to give away my time but when I do, it normally benefits me too.

KB Horner

About the author: KB was a. KB is a Jo Jones girl.

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