Relationships: The Glue of Camp

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life. -Amy Poehler


While we are thankful for all of the cool things we can do at camp, they are not what makes camp so special. The relationships we form with each other at camp are what makes camp a second home to many. 

Our programming ensures that opportunities for developing healthy relationships abound at camp. The Big/Little Sister program we have gives the younger campers someone to look up to and gives the older campers another reason to be on their best behavior! 

The positive relationships developed at camp are essential to girls feeling secure enough in taking small, healthy risks. Every term we get a handful of new campers that are not eager to jump into the Guadalupe. But conquering that fear with a trusted counselor, lets girls know they are not alone. Relationships have the effect of making the scary things just a little less scary. 

For years, the use of technology has been hampering social development of youngsters. Now with almost two years of COVID under the belt, the problem has only exacerbated. Fortunately, camp provides plenty of face-to-face interaction. Though the adjustment from online everything is rough, getting together for group activities is essential for their well being. 

Former campers frequently reminisce about their accomplishments at camp. Former Quadrille and War Canoe gals possess a prideful gleam when talking about their extracurriculars. But that prideful gleam is dull in comparison to their fond memories of beloved friends and counselors. It’s the relationships we form with each other that keep us coming back year after year. For counselors it’s a privilege watching their girls grow. For campers, there’s nothing like their second family away from home. 

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