Trying New Things: The Latest in Adventure

Curiosity is the key to adventure


Trying new things is essential to getting the most out of life! For most campers, camp is more than a vacation away from home. Camp provides the opportunity for campers to try things they may not otherwise be accessible. Where else can you spend a morning on horseback and an afternoon swimming and making pottery?

Test driving new activities can be daunting, but camp provides a supportive safety net. Counselors gently encourage campers to step off the dry land and plunge into the river- or whatever activity is at hand. When we conquer our fears, we are left with a newfound sense of confidence. We have proof that we can be victorious. These moments of confidence building are essential for developing character and trust in oneself. 

A less glamorous, though oh-so-important aspect of trying new things is trying new foods! We encourage all of our campers to try just three bites of each diet-appropriate dish. How can we know what all we enjoy unless we try everything?

One of the more inspiring things about trying new things with your peer group is the opportunity to support each other. When we tackle the unknown, and have our friends cheering us on, it creates a bond. Building others up is a sign of strength, and at camp we always have the chance to encourage one another. 

We believe that everyone, especially young ladies, deserves the opportunity to grow through new experiences. Trying new things is critical to becoming well rounded individuals who know what they love in life. So when you send your camper away to camp, remind her that trying new things is good for her! Progress isn’t made by repeating the same ol structure, year after year. 

“Self-confidence builds when you try new things without fear of failure.” – Venkat Desireddy

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