Summer Themes 2022

The 2022 head staff of Heart O’ the Hills is so excited to announce the themes for the summer.  This year our overall theme for the summer is “Heart O’ the Hills where the Magic Happens!” Come in the front gate wearing your Sisterhood clothes (or whites if you’re a new camper), along with headgear and wands to show you are ready for some magic this summer!  

We are planning on the return of the Heart/Stewart dance. The theme is masquerade.  So bring your dance clothes and a masquerade mask to make for a spectacular evening under the stars.  

“Under the Sea” is the theme for our first field day. Start thinking about costumes and be prepared to discover the magic under the sea. Watch out for Poseidon, he and his trident might be roaming the grounds cheering on the Sisterhoods.  “The Olympics” is the theme for field day #2.  The staff can’t wait to see how our Olympians dress for the day.  Be ready for the Olympic rings to be unveiled, the torch to be lit and most of all to participate and cheer on some amazing athletic feats.  

The carnival is going to be centered around board games.  Come ready to portray something from your favorite board game.  Be on the lookout for the Jumanji character along with her wild animals.

Glow night will be a special event for the Sophomores – Teens.  Dress in black and bring glow-in-the-dark accessories in order to shine bright for the evening.  While the older campers will be glowing, our Minions will be at a glowing ice cream party.

Of course some of the favorites are back.  On the 14th of both terms we celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We wear red, make cards (or some choose to bring cards, stickers, etc.). We will have a special evening snack and celebrate a day that was obviously designed especially for Heart O’ the Hills.  On opening day feel free to drop off a Valentine to be delivered that day to your camper. We will see they get it.

All Covert Operatives beware, Covert Ops is back!  This popular big Sister/Little Sister activity will be held with a few new twists.  So ladies, gather your black outfits and see if you can get past the big, bad counselors.

On the 25th of each term, Christmas will be celebrated.  Wear your Christmas colors, sing Christmas tunes in the dining hall, and rock around the Christmas tree.  Families, one of the packages you can leave on opening day may be a “Christmas Gift” to be delivered to your camper during mail call.  Remember no food, candy or electronics, please.  

At the end of camp we will be having a Red Carpet Night showing all the things everyone has learned throughout the term.  Come dressed to walk down the red carpet at this starlight revue.  Everyone will be excited to see your presentations and show our admiration for your hard work.

Attention Seniors: You will be having a “COLOR WAR” this summer.  Bring an old white T-shirt that can be filled with bright beautiful colors.  Your brightness will stand out in a crowd.  

Attention Teens: In addition to all of the cool events you already do, this year you will have a special night of fun and games planned just for you. Come prepared to dress “Vegas Style”.  You will find out more on THE NIGHT!  

We can’t wait to see all your smiling faces coming through the gates.  We have a magical summer planned!

Carole Rylander
Program Director

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