Closing Day Details

A Word on Camp Closing (Full Term & Split B)

Notes on Closing Days of Camp: 

Day 1
5:30 p.m. Open gates

Quadrille at 6:15 for those who are interested.

At 7 p.m. we will host a picnic supper on the grounds for campers and their families

At 9 p.m. (dusk) the Memorial Vespers will take place at Cypress Hollow, where the new recipient of the Jo Jones Memorial Sportsmanship Award will be presented in a candlelight ceremony, presented by the Top Ten Juniors.

By 10 p.m. camper families will have departed and campers and counselors return to their cabins for root beer floats and last night parties.

Day 2

Gates will open at 9 a.m.

At 9:45 the War Canoe race will take place, followed by an abbreviated Naming O’ the Braves ceremony. This ceremony will be shortened from what we have done in the past, with only Tenure presentations, Star LITe, Kitty’s Korner, Sunflower Award, High-Point Campers and the presentation of the Sisterhood Cup. Campers must be present to receive awards.

A Word on Camp Closing (Split A)

Notes on Closing Days of Camp: 

We will have lunch at 1, our usual time, and there in the dining hall we will call out their names and give each a packet and a tepee photo. So that will be the extent of our ceremonies.

After lunch is dismissed, they will make their way to meet you at the Office and Grand Patio area (beside the Village). We will have their luggage there for you to load up, and there will be cold water too. We also have a freezer with Blue Bell novelties that we are happy to share!

In the Village we will have a display of the campers activity portraits for you to view and purchase if you wish, and we will be offering “bribery” to all the campers who sign up for next summer before leaving. Subtle, I know! It’s a system set up many summers ago–and we’ve used it ever since.

No Pets Please

Please do not bring your pets on opening or closing day! It is very hot, and there are not many places for them to get out of the heat. There are a lot of people around camp on these days and we have had issues with dogs in the past. We feel the simplest way to avoid this and keep everyone happy is to leave them at home.