Closing Day Details for Summer 2021

Here is what you can expect at pick up:

  • Enter through the “old main gate” which is the gate you exited through at opening.
  • Collect your camper and her luggage at her muster area:
    • Midgets, Pickleball Court
    • Sophomores, Pickleball Court
    • Juniors, Volleyball Court
    • Seniors, Pottery Barn
    • Teens, Bikini Beach at Abrigo
  • Proceed to the front of the office, where you will find:
    • Sign-up and bribery
    • Pick up your camper’s tepee photo and Trading Post refund check (or bill)
    • Place your camp portrait order
    • Medicines from Orenda

We still ask everyone to remain in their vehicle; we will do all transactions through the car window! 

Our streamlined drop-off and pick-up process for Summer 2021 allows us to reduce exposure and health and safety at The Heart while delivering the same energy and excitement you expect during drop-off and pick-up at The Heart.

  • First Term
    • Drop Off First Term Campers
    • Pick Up First Term Campers
  • Split Term 1A
    • Drop Off First Term 1A Campers
    • Pick Up First Term 1A Campers
  • Split Term 1B
    • Drop Off First Term 1B Campers
    • Pick Up First Term 1B Campers
  • Second Term
    • Drop Off Second Term Campers
  • Pick Up Second Term Campers
  • Split Term 2A
    • Drop Off Second Term 2A Campers
    • Pick Up Second Term 2A Campers
  • Split Term 2B
    • Drop Off Second Term 2B Campers
    • Pick Up Second Term 2B Campers

No Pets Please

Please do not bring your pets on opening or closing day! It is very hot, and there are not many places for them to get out of the heat. There are a lot of people around camp on these days and we have had issues with dogs in the past. We feel the simplest way to avoid this and keep everyone happy is to leave them at home.