Daily Update - Mountain Top

Today was a day filled with excitement and achievements.

During 4th period, we had to shelter in place, so everyone headed to their rainy day meeting spots. This led to a massive Just Dance party in the village and a sing-along with Raine and Deen in the dining hall.

Due to the potential rain, Mountain Top was moved. The Thunderbirds gathered on the front lawn while the Arrows took over the village.

After, we announced our Sisters O’ the Week for the second week of the second term 2024:

  • Minion: Adeleine B
  • Sophomore: Charley W
  • Junior: Adele L
  • Senior: Zoe N
  • Teen: Judith M
  • Heart Lite: Callie Y
  • Counselor: Karol G

Stay tuned for more updates and memories from our wonderful camp!

Daily Update - Sunday Worship

Sundays are such a simple day at camp! Cabin photos for Term 2 & 2B were taken for the new campers. These photos will be given to every camper at closing.

Breakfast was a buffet, and campers came in their PJs, enjoying a leisurely morning. With no announcements until 10:30, everyone was able to get the recharge they needed for the week ahead.

At 10:30, Jane called for Volunteer Voices to meet and prepare for Worship. 58 girls showed up, 2 donning guitars. We had a beautiful 2-part harmony. Paige G led the worship message, talking about embracing the perfect person God created you to be. Cypress Hollow was especially beautiful today, made even better by the harmonious voices of Volunteer Voices.

A storm came in and extended siesta for about an hour. After siesta was finally over, we held our second weekend of Olympic Festival Competitions. Unfortunately, we could not hold the swim meet, but we were able to have the rifle match. Results to follow soon.

In the evening, we had Pizza Night. Before dinner, each division spread out across the Big Field for Pizza Cheers. Heads judged based on originality, enthusiasm, and togetherness to determine which division could go get their pizza first.

Tonight, after the pizza and excitement, the Thunderbirds put on a performance for their Arrow sisters during T-Bird Vespers. Vespers is a time when the silliest of costumes are worn, and songs are sung with the most gusto.
It was a fantastic end to a wonderful day!

Stay tuned for more updates and memories from camp!

Daily Update - Hello Split Term 2B

Today we celebrated two birthdays! The 13th birthday of Trista L and the 22nd birthday of Mariana T.

​Tonight, the much-anticipated Senior/Teen Swim Meet took place. After 6th period, campers eagerly headed down to the waterfront, led by their enthusiastic Sponsors and Song Leaders. The energy was palpable as everyone cheered for their favorite swimmers. The Thunderbirds were victorious with a score of 122-139. Once the swim meet wrapped up, we headed directly to the flag ceremony, ready for the next adventure.

The evening meal was a classic camp favorite—sloppy joes! Campers enjoyed their dinner outdoors, basking in the warm evening air and the camaraderie of friends.

Earlier in the day, we had the pleasure of welcoming our first Term 1b campers. Among the 31 new arrivals, 23 were brand new to camp. After a snack, we gathered for the exciting moment of drawing from their new sisterhood. With smiles and cheers, the new campers were embraced by their groups and quickly joined in the afternoon classes, diving right into camp life.

The day concluded with a special treat—Movie Night under the stars. After eat-out, everyone gathered at the tennis courts, sleeping bags in tow, to relax and enjoy a movie together. Campers stayed with their divisions, sharing candy and sodas as they watched Despicable Me.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to make unforgettable memories at camp!

The results of our sisterhood drawings: 

B, Caro - P-Bird
C, Valentina - S-Arrow
C, Cata - S-Arrow
C, Isabella - P-Bird
C, Constanza - P-Bird
F, Landry - S-Arrow
G, Ana Regina - P-Bird
G, Emilia - S-Arrow
G, Luciana - S-Arrow
G, Yana - S-Arrow
H, Luciana - S-Arrow
M, Dylan - P-Bird
N, Balbina - S-Arrow
N, Lucrecia - S-Arrow
N, Audrey - P-Bird
N, Violet - P-Bird
O, Emma - New Camper
R, Luna - P-Bird
R, Andrea - S-Arrow
S, Andrea - P-Bird
S, Pau - S-Arrow
S, Charley - P-Bird
W, Genevieve - S-Arrow

Daily Update - Goodbye Split Term 2A

Today, we said a heartfelt goodbye to our Split Term campers. It's hard to believe it's already time for them to leave!

The Crossed Arrow Sisterhood celebrated some special awards:

  • Minion Froggie of the Split Term: Virginia L
  • Soph Froggy O’ the Split Term: Greta S
  • Jr Shooting Star: Maggie C
  • Senior Shooting Star: Claire T
  • Teen Shooting Star: Colleen D
  • Arrows Up: Avery C

Next up, the Thunderbirds honored their outstanding members:

  • Minion Spirit Brave: June Y
  • Sophomore Spirit Brave: Kate J
  • Junior Spirit Brave: Lulu C
  • Senior Spirit Brave: Ella T
  • Teen Spirit Brave: Maine C
  • All Term Day and Night: Keathley B
  • All Term Thumbs Up: Freddy V

We also recognized our dedicated campers with Tenure Awards:

  • 2 Ten-Year Campers: Ann L and Delaney B
  • 3 Seven-Year Campers
  • 2 Five-Year Campers
  • 9 Three-Year Campers

Tonight, campers and counselors enjoyed a fun-filled Division Night, strengthening their bonds and making lasting memories. Minions made rockets to shoot off in field day class, Sophomores had trivia night, Seniors played Capture the Mattress, and Teens had bunk night. The Juniors had a delightful evening at Jane’s house, enjoying ice cream in their pajamas. It was a sweet end to a fantastic day!

We have a long tradition (borrowed from Camp Stewart) of "bribing" our campers to sign up for next year before leaving this year. Each girl who does will receive her choice of a nice "bribe." We will have bribery available at pickup, or if you respond before then, we will go ahead and let the girls choose and receive the gift.

Stay tuned for more updates and memories from camp!

Here is the LINK to the sign-up form.

Daily Update - Field Day

Today was Field Day at camp, and it was packed with excitement despite a stormy start. Just as we were kicking off Opening Ceremonies, the storms rolled in, bringing lightning that required a shelter-in-place order.

But finally, around noon, we were able to bring Field Day back on.

This term, we introduced a new event called “Megathon” where each sisterhood worked together to complete a camp-wide relay race. The relay began with the Minions passing a stuffed animal baton from the Ark to the Seniors at the flagpole, who unfolded and refolded flags. Then, they passed the baton to a mix of Juniors and Seniors in the art studios, who completed various art projects one by one. The baton was then handed to a group of 100m dash racers on the track, who then passed it to the Sophomores. Like the Minions, they passed the baton one by one down a line to eventually reach the final stretch of the relay, where a group of sack racers, egg-on-spoon racers, and three-legged racers passed the baton to each other, ultimately handing it to their Fire Lighter to complete the “Megathon.” The day started with the Thunderbirds winning this event.

After lunch, the sisterhoods competed throughout the afternoon in events like musical water buckets, potato sack races, egg races, three-legged races, slip-and-slide relays, and more to earn as many points as possible.

In the evening, the Minions competed in a parachute battle, Sophomores in a kickball match, Juniors in dodgeball, and Seniors and Teens banded together in an epic matball match. The final score was 549 to 669, with the Arrows emerging victorious.

The campers who earned the most points for their sisterhoods, also known as “high point campers” of the day, were Sterling P for the Minions, Charley W for the Sophomores, Brooklyn J for the Juniors, a tie between Killian B and Gabby N for the Seniors, and Delaney B for the Teens.

We finished the night early and played Taps at 9:30. An early bedtime was much appreciated by all.

What an incredible day of teamwork, competition, and fun! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to create unforgettable memories at camp!

Daily Update - Covert Ops

Today's update will be brief. Campers returned to their cabins and enjoyed a leisurely brunch at 9 am. Classes didn't resume until the 3rd period, giving everyone some extra time to rest. A mandatory siesta was held for all, as it was much needed.

Tonight's event is Covert Ops, promising an exciting and thrilling experience for all the campers! We'll share more details about Covert Ops tomorrow!

Daily Update - Overnight

Today was a day of celebrations and special activities!

We celebrated two special birthdays today: Kate J’s 10th birthday and Adelaide B’s 10th birthday! 🎂🎉

During the 4th period, campers packed for the overnight campout, and siesta was shortened by 15 minutes to accommodate the preparations.

Congratulations to the cabins with perfect inspections: Cypress, Daisy, IPB, Oak Tree, Trumpetvine, Yarrow 1, and Zinnia! Great job, everyone!

In honor of our overnight campout, we sang some of our favorite cowboy songs after lunch. 🎶🤠

After siesta, the teens headed to Mo Ranch for their overnight stay.

The S’minions cooked their dinner at Opening Ceremonies and spent the night there, enjoying conga lines, sing-alongs, and games until bedtime.

The Juniors prepared their meals at Mountain Lion Maw and slept there until the early morning light broke, and everyone decided to head back to their cabins.

The Seniors spent their evening at the Tree House.

Word on the street is that it was the best overnight ever! 🏕️✨

What a fantastic day filled with celebrations, camaraderie, and unforgettable experiences.

​ Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our camp adventures!

Daily Update - Mountain Top

Today was a typical Monday at camp, but that didn't stop us from making the most of it. Our MWF classes are on a roll, and campers are achieving big things in their activities!

The cooking class was especially popular today as they made homemade cinnamon rolls. Our office, connected to the little kitchen, smelled amazing all day, making everyone wish they could sneak a taste.

This evening, we held Mountain Top, where we gathered to celebrate and reflect. The highlight was announcing the first week’s Sister O' the Week recipients. Congratulations to:

  • Minion: Mae M.
  • Sophomore: Rosie N.
  • Junior: Sadie Belle C.
  • Senior: Ines C.
  • Teen: Delilah H.
  • LITe: Freddy V.
  • Counselor: Ellie T.

What a fantastic start to the week! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to create unforgettable memories at camp.

Daily Update - Counselor Vespers

Today was a much more relaxed day—or at least it started that way. Cabin photos were taken throughout the morning, breakfast was come-and-go for about an hour, and we had worship down at Cypress Hollow. Our Volunteer Voices girls, who have been practicing all week, sounded perfect.

After worship, we had our typical Sunday lunch of fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Following an extended, much-needed siesta, campers participated in our Olympic Festival events in archery and pickleball. Results to follow soon.

Pizza Cheers were amazing, with everyone enjoying delicious pizza.

Our Counselor Vespers went on as planned, and it was so much fun! A special touch this evening was the friendship bracelets given to every camper from their counselors, a lovely token of the bonds formed here.

We still managed to get a fairly early bedtime, ensuring everyone is well-rested for the adventures ahead.

What a perfect way to wind down the weekend! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our camp journey, creating unforgettable memories every step of the way!

Split 2A Closing Day Details

Can't believe it's nearly time to say good-bye to our Split Term campers! We wanted to tell you how much we've enjoyed having them so far, and how hard it will be to let them go at the weeks end.

Our scheduled pickup is from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. It is important that parents arrive during this time for the safety of the campers on camp. Thanks for adhering to this time frame.

Here is our plan: We will have lunch at 1, our usual time, and there in the dining hall we will call out their names and give each a packet and a cabin photo. So that will be the extent of our ceremonies.

After lunch is dismissed, they will make their way to meet you at the Office and Grand Patio area (beside the Village, where check-in took place). We will have their luggage there for you to load up, and there will be cold water too. We also have a freezer with Blue Bell novelties that we are happy to share!

In the Village we will have a display of the camper mug shots and activity portraits for you to view and purchase if you wish, and we will be offering "bribery" to all the campers who sign up for next summer before leaving. Subtle, I know! It's a system set up many summers ago--and we've used it ever since. Want to go ahead and give your daughter permission now? Check out this form!

Looking forward to seeing you. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns,

Daily Update - Movie Night

Saturday's Highlights at Camp!

Today was filled with excitement and memorable moments as we continued to make the most of every moment this term.

Our Volunteer Voices met for another practice to prepare for tomorrow's worship songs. We can't wait to hear their beautiful voices!

At lunch, the LITes announced the perfect inspection cabins: C, D, I, N, O, T, V, Y1, Z, Abrigo, and Adobe 2! We also had a re-inspection for AA.

After normal classes, we held our first swim meet of the term! The juniors headed down to the waterfront after 6th period to compete in various races, including backstroke, front crawl, and a fun noodle race. The Thunderbirds outscored the Crossed Arrows with a final score of 80-48. Great job to all our swimmers!

After flag, the girls enjoyed picnic meals of hot dogs and engaged in many of camp's outdoor games. A new favorite this year is the giant Connect Four game, which has been a big hit!

As evening fell, it was time for movie night under the stars. Campers gathered in the Village with their sleeping bags, candy, and sodas to watch "Hotel Transylvania 3." It was a great way to wind down the day.

And now, the results of the door decorating contest are in! Congratulations to our creative and spirited campers:

  • Best Use of Materials: Abrigo
  • Team Spirit Display: Daisy
  • Most Creative: Cactus Flower Cottage
  • People's Choice (social media): Agarita Attic
  • Best Overall: Adobe 1

We also celebrated a special 15th birthday for Sarah D!

What a great day it has been! Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our camp journey, creating unforgettable memories every step of the way.

Daily Update - Siminar Day

Today was Seminar Day, where we suspended regular classes to host a variety of exciting activities for our campers. We kept fan favorites like fiesta and cookie decorating, but thanks to our diverse staff, this year's Seminar Day featured even more thrilling options. Campers enjoyed Hungarian Dancing, New Zealand Culture Lessons, Netball, Cricket, Touch Rugby, and K-pop Dances. For the art lovers, there were activities like building bird houses, rock painting, piano, musical theater, and face painting.

Additional activities included:

  • Baking: Campers got creative in the kitchen, whipping up delicious treats.
  • Card Game Tournament (Speed): A fast-paced card game tournament kept everyone on their toes.
  • Color Guard: Honing skills in precision and teamwork.
  • Color Run: A vibrant and colorful run through camp.
  • Cookie Decorating: Campers unleashed their inner pastry chefs.
  • Cooking: Whipping up tasty dishes and learning new recipes.
  • Country Western Line Dancing/Swing Dancing: Learning some fun and energetic dance moves.
  • DIY Puff Paint Painting: Crafting unique designs with puff paint.
  • Fairy Garden: Creating magical miniature gardens.
  • Fiesta: A festive celebration with music, dancing, and fun.
  • Harry Potter: Immersing in the magical world of Harry Potter.
  • High Tea at Jane's: A sophisticated and delightful tea party.
  • Hungarian Culture: Exploring traditions and history from Hungary.
  • K-Pop Dances: Learning popular dance routines from K-pop music.
  • Master Chef: Competing in cooking challenges.
  • Moonlight Canoe: An enchanting evening canoe ride under the stars.
  • Netball: Enjoying a game of netball, a popular sport in many countries.
  • Pickleball Tournament: Competing in a fun pickleball tournament.
  • Soccer: Engaging in friendly soccer matches.
  • Songwriting/Guitar: Creating and performing original songs.
  • Spa Night: Relaxing and pampering with spa activities.
  • Teddy Bear Picnic: A whimsical picnic with stuffed animal friends.
  • Top Shot Archery: Sharpening archery skills in a fun competition.
  • Top Shot Riflery: Aiming for targets in a riflery contest.

The third activity session was delayed due to rain, but the campers enjoyed the extra hour of rest—it was much needed!

In the evening, our senior campers headed to Point Theater to see the performance of Velveteen Rabbit. The campers absolutely loved it, and the snacks and sodas were an added treat.

Seminar Day was a wonderful opportunity for campers to try something new, break out of their comfort zones, and switch up the routine of camp to start the last week. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to make unforgettable memories at camp!

Daily Update - Division Night

The Brother-Sister picnic was a blast! Held at The Heart this term, campers enjoyed outdoor games and the beautiful weather. Brother-sister photos were taken and will be available for purchase at closing.

Volunteer Voices had their first meeting today, bringing together campers eager to make a difference.

With the heat and a few long days, we had a mandatory siesta this afternoon. It was a total revival, and the dining hall was filled with rowdy and happy campers this evening.

Tonight is Division Night, and here's what's in store:

  • Minions will enjoy birthday cake-flavored ice cream at Jane's.
  • Sophomores join Program Director Carole for Mad Scientist fun.
  • Juniors dive into a Mystery Box Game.
  • Seniors will test their knowledge with Trivia.
  • Teens are playing an epic game of Capture the Mattress.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to create unforgettable memories at camp!

We apologize for the delay in posting the War Canoe Teams. Here are the 2024 Second Term teams:


  Trista L

  Hattie H

  Maria W

  Ivy C

  Adele L

  Zoe N

  Avery M

  Caroline C

  Killian B

  Pheobe C

  Marly M

  Molly R

  Flora B

  True R


Brooke J

Isabella T

Zoe M

Sam B

Judith M

Maria G

Natalie S

Birdie C

Josie Z


Gia N

Billye M

Morgan C

Delilah H

Daily Update - Bunk Night

Another exciting day at camp with our TTS classes continuing, and it's incredible to see so many campers already picking up new skills, especially in horseback riding and archery.

We have some exciting things to tell you about. We're so proud of the incredible accomplishments of our campers! First cabin inspections are in, and cabins C, D, H, I, N, O, T, V, Z, and AB all had perfect scores! Even the cabins that didn't score perfects did really well!

After sixth period, there was a surprise camp-wide shaving cream fight. Although it was totally optional, nobody could resist joining in the fun. Everyone got involved! Once the fun was over, campers were hosed off to get clean—except for the Adobe girls, who took a quick plunge into the river.

Dinner was a special treat as we enjoyed an Eat Out/Backyard Games tonight. Picnics dotted the front lawn and big field as campers engaged in a variety of fun outdoor activities, including toss across, yard Jenga, yard Connect Four, jump ropes, earth balls, and more. Laughter and friendly competition filled the air!

Tonight, our evening activity was an exciting Door Decorating Contest! Campers had the opportunity to choose their own themes for their cabin doors, showcasing their creativity and teamwork. The doors will be judged during siesta tomorrow, and we can't wait to announce the winners!

Here are the judging criteria for the contest:

  • Best Overall Decoration
  • Most Creative Theme
  • Best Use of Materials
  • Team Spirit Award (for teamwork and collaboration)
  • People's Choice Award (voted by judges)

Stay tuned for the results!

Additionally, the Sophomores had an ice cream party where one camper impressively enjoyed six scoops of Birthday Cake Blue Bell ice cream!

Daily Update - Common Ground

What a day! Cool with cloud cover, and almost no rain... but yes, we had lightning, which brought the late morning activities under shelter. Showers came from WNW and not from our pal Beryl.
Today was the "quinceanera" of Molly R. In case you aren't familiar with the tradition, we in South Texas enjoy the beloved south-of-the-border rite of passage for a girl turning 15. Molly had a beautiful cake to share with her table and cabin, and proudly wore a tiara and Birthday Girl sash most of the day.
We were so happy that 10 cabins pulled off perfect inspections today! Cypress Cradle, Daisy Dollhouse, Nettle Nest, Oak Tree Houst, Trumpetvine Hideaway, Verbena Village, Yarrow Yard 1, Zinnia Zenith, Abrigos and Adobe Village 2.
So many campers passed swim levels and earned pickleball, archery and riflery achievements today! Yet the highlight was Keathley B swimming all the way across the river without a life jacket for the first time ever!
Sisterhoods held election runoffs right before lunch, and after supper, we held Common Ground, a ceremony of both Sisterhoods revealing their new slates of officers. Here they are:
Sisterhood Officers
Powerful Thunderbirds
Strong Crossed Arrows
Flora B
Fire Lighter
Brooke J
Adaleine B
Minion Song Leader
Olivia M
Carolina W
Minion Secret Keeper
Sterling P
Estella U
Minion Way Shower (A)
Mckenzie A
Sofia C
Sophomore Secret Keeper
Madelyn P
Adelaide B
Sophomore Song Leader
Rosie N
Keathley B
Sophomore Way Shower (A)
Hazel H
Zoey M
Junior Secret Keeper
Sadie Belle C
Adele L
Junior Song Leader
Elise B
Lulu C
Junior Way Shower (A)
Brooklyn J
Hattie H
Senior Secret Keeper
Maria G
Celeste B
Senior Song Leader
Hattie Beth P
Ella T
Senior Way Shower (A)
Noelle H
Ryan R
Teen Secret Keeper
Isabella T
Caroline C
Teen Song Leader
Judith M
Bella D
Teen Way Shower (A)
Natalie S
Marly M
Story Teller
Morgan C
Molly R
Story Teller
Delilah H
Keni W
Story Teller
Shamblin M
Bella B
Ana Pau R
Lu C
Molly R
Lots of new friendships are being cemented, and campers are discovering some abilities they hadn't known before. It's getting fun!

Daily Update - Officer Elections

It's been an eventful day 3 at camp, filled with excitement and important events!

Our campers had their first MWF classes today. Here's a glimpse of our typical day’s schedule:

7:35 AM: Wake up & Clean cabin
8:05 AM: Flag ceremony/Breakfast
8:55 AM: 1st Activity
9:45 AM: 2nd Activity
10:35 AM: 3rd Activity
11:25 AM: 4th Activity
12:30 PM: Division Gathering
12:50 PM: Lunch
3:45 PM: Siesta ends - Snack
4:05 PM: 5th Activity
4:55 PM: 6th Activity
5:45 PM: Free time until Dinner
7:00 PM: Flag ceremony/Dinner
8:15 PM: Evening Program
10:00 PM: Milk Line
10:15 PM: Taps

Today was the second and final day for war canoe practices. There were more than 25 girls signing up in both sisterhoods. A typical team is no more than 16, but typically only 14 girls.  The teams will be announced soon. 

After dinner today, campers had the opportunity to make changes to their schedules. Following these adjustments, campers will maintain this schedule for the remainder of the term.

We have had a few more achievements in activities.

Laundry started today with the Minions, and it will be returned by the end of the day. The minions also got their first turn at shopping in the Trading Post today. There were lots of excited girls running towards the Trading Post after lunch and many left with a shopping bag of goodies! 

Tonight marked the Officer Elections, where both Sisterhoods gathered for a special meeting. Each nominee presented their campaign cheer or speech, vying for roles like Song Leader, Secret Keeper, Story Teller, and Way Shower. Campers cast their votes by secret ballot, and late tonight, Sisterhood Sponsors tallied the ballots to confirm the newly elected officers. The results will be announced at Common Ground tomorrow night! The new Fire Lighter has the opportunity to pick the them of the evening. Tonights theme was PJs for the Arrows, and Beach Day for the T-Birds.

Lastly, every camper wrote first-day postcards, and these were mailed out today, carrying the memories and excitement of their camp journey so far.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make unforgettable memories at camp! 

First Day of TTS Classes/Fire Lighter Elections

Day 2 at The Heart has been filled with excitement and new experiences!

Today marked the first day of our Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (TTS) classes, where all campers had the opportunity to explore their selected activities. After classes end Monday, campers will have the opportunity to switch classes, and then they'll stick with their chosen classes for the entire term.

After a morning of classes, the highlight of the day was the sisterhood gathering where campers nominated and voted for the Fire Lighter.

Following a delicious typical Sunday lunch of Fried Chicken, we held a quick runoff in both sisterhoods. 

After a relaxing siesta, campers delved into their afternoon classes.

Some campers have already started gaining achievements in various activities!

After dinner, campers geared up for Mountain Top, where the announcement of the new Fire Lighters was made.

We are excited to share that Brooke Johns is the 2024 Second Term Arrows Fire Lighter, and Flora Blodgett is the 2024 Second Term T-Bird Fire Lighter.

After Taps, counselors reflected on the day's adventures with their campers before heading to bed.

What a great day it has been, filled with learning, camaraderie, and moments of growth.

Looking forward to more adventures tomorrow!

Daily Update - Opening Day/Opening Ceremonies

Daily Update - Opening Day/Opening Ceremonies

What a whirlwind of excitement as we kicked off the second term of camp! Our counselors have been working tirelessly to ensure a seamless and fantastic start to the new session.

Today, we joyfully opened our gates to welcome our eager second-term campers and their families. As usual, all the early arrivals were waiting to run through the gates as soon as they opened. It was heartwarming to see familiar faces and greet new arrivals, helping everyone settle into their cabins and get ready for the adventures ahead.

As the last campers arrived via the Dallas bus, we gathered as a camp to kick off the summer with enthusiasm and cheers. Right as we were preparing to start activity sign-ups and swim tests, the rain began. Since there was lightning in the area, we shuttled S’Minion campers to their cabins to finish settling in. Laughs could be heard down the halls as everyone got to know their new cabin mates. Once we were finished with activity sign-ups, we got everyone to their cabins to prepare for dinner.

After dinner, we sang "The Peppiest Girls" and "Oh Let Me Go," and they brought the house down!

The highlight of the day was our Opening Ceremonies, where we came together as a sisterhood to listen to the 'Legend of the Guadalupe' and witness the bead drawing for our new campers. Because of the rain, it was held in the village, but it was still a very special moment for everyone.

Here are the results from tonight:

A, Casey - S-Arrow

A, McKenzie - S-Arrow

A, Sofia - S-Arrow

B, Emily - P-Bird

C, Ruth - S-Arrow

C, Eva - P-Bird

D, Bella - P-Bird

G, Aubree - S-Arrow

G Regina - P-Bird

H, Vivienne - P-Bird

J, Kate - P-Bird

J, Ella - P-Bird

K, CC - S-Arrow

L, Sophia - S-Arrow

L, Virginia - S-Arrow

O, Norah - P-Bird

P, Katelyn - P-Bird

S, Ceci - S-Arrow

S, Alana - S-Arrow

U, Estela - P-Bird

W, Charley - S-Arrow

W, Hope - P-Bird

Y, June - P-Bird

  • Breakfast

    Orange Juice, Coffee, milk
    Cold Cereals
    Hot oatmeal w/trimmings
    Scrambled Eggs

  • Lunch

    Steak Fingers
    Tater Tots
    Charro Beans
    Salad Bar

  • Dinner

    Spaghetti w/meat sauce
    Italian Green Beans
    Fried Mushrooms w/ranch dressing
    French Bread
    Iced Tea/Water
    Sugar Cookies