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The best part about class activities at Heart is the fact that your daughter gets to choose them! On Opening Day, she will sit down with her cabinmates and counselors and pick out her schedule. We have an MWF (Monday-Wednesday-Friday) class schedule and a TTS (Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday) class schedule. Sundays function a little bit differently with more free time. Each camper swims every day, rides in a horseback class for at least two years, and participates in a Field Sports class. The rest is up to them! So here is a brief description of some of the classes you may not recognize.

2nd War Canoe – Second War Canoe is taught by the Sponsors and former campers to prepare young girls to try out for War Canoe. They practice leaning and balancing on a partner, proper paddling form, and how to steer effectively. It is a great way for girls to “try” War Canoe and hone their skills for tryouts the next year.

Apple a Day / A _____ a Day- Previously introduced by former camper/counselor Jessica C, this class this something different with an apple. We’re switching it up this year to be “A ____ a Day” and each day the counselor will have a subject where the campers will complete multiple activities with. My favorite idea recently came about during our Open House. Our new HeartLITes and current campers said it should be “A Chicken a Day.” They could learn about chickens, dye eggs, paint eggs, scramble eggs, pet and walk the camp chickens, etc. Sounds pretty silly to me, but may be a part of this year’s plan!

Life Skills – Life Skills is a required class for our Seniors (13 & 14 year olds) taught by Jane. They discuss secrets to success that campers may not learn in their your formal education such as changing a car tire and checking the oil.

Noodle Fun – Another excuse to get in the River! Noodle fun is aimed towards our older campers as a form of water aerobics. There are also silly days with noodle races and synchronized swimming.

Wilderness Survival – Similar to pioneering, this class teaches skills such as fire building, how to use a compass, and following trails.

Journalism – During this class, our campers create our weekly camp newsletter, the Heart Beat. They interview, take pictures, and tell the camp news in a printed format. It allows campers to gain confidence in writing in a fun and creative style. Our Heart Beat is distributed during meal time for the entire camp to enjoy.

Videography – Our daily Camp TV show is back! Campers will work with our videographers to create a YouTube video featuring the ins and outs of camp. Check in to hear the script they create filmed as camp is going on.

Do you have other questions about activities? We’d be more than happy to explain them! Call us at 830.238.4650 or email me at
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