Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

25 things every camper should know about The Heart

25 Things you should know about camp, let’s give it a go! <3

25) We are a smaller camp in our area!

24) We believe in trying new things everyday.

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

Our campers and counselors are the best! <3

23) Our counselors are one of a kind!

22) So are our campers <3

21) We have a mascot…Spot, the Dalmatian <3

20) Nobody around has a Jane. We have a Jane. We love her.

19) We were founded as a hotel for parents who sent their kids to other camps!

18) We offer 40+ different activities for our campers to try!

17) Our Program Director is from Scotland…how cool is that??

16) We are based on Christian values but we are not a church camp.

15) Tribe Hills are incredibly special. You will learn things on your hill that you will never learn anywhere else. Take it in. It’s moments like those that you will remember forever.

14) War Canoe is a real sport. If you don’t believe us, just ask someone who has done it.

13) Our S’midgets are the cutest campers ever. EVER.

12) We have hearts in every nook and cranny. Just take a look around, you’ll see them wherever you go <3

11) Our nurse’s station is called Orenda, so when you hear that name…that’s who/what we’re talking about!

10) We ask that you take three bites of everything at each meal! You’ll never know if you don’t like it if you don’t try it!

9) We have inspections every morning and rewards are given to those cabins who are extra tidy during the term!

Heart O' the Hills Summer Camp for Girls

Big and Lil Sis Tea Party! <3

8) Big and Lil sis bonds will go with you throughout the years. You never forget your first Big Sis and the impact she made on you, and vice versa.

7) We also have a Cristi Lee. That’s something we’re super proud of, she’s our favorite.

6) The friendships you make here are above and beyond any other friendship you will ever have.

5) Tepee Nights are some of the best nights. Bonding with your cabin-mates and counselors while having a spa night? Um, yes please.

4) Everyday is a new adventure. We want to keep you on your toes!

3) You will fall in love with this place and the people.

2) The scenery alone will make you “ooo” and “ahh”. Making you never want to leave.

1) Closing Day will bring every emotion you have to the surface. You will be walking out of those red gates wanting summer to last longer. Wanting to linger and hold onto your tribe sisters just a minute more.

These 25 things hardly even scratch the surface on how special Heart is! From the way the Guadalupe flows to seeing how strangers turn into sisters, nothing compares to this wonderful place. 

If you don’t believe this list, well, I guess you’ll just have to come check it out for yourself. <3

Lots of love,

Fal <3

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  1. These 25 are all so very true…unfortunately I don’t know Cristi Lea… so as a heart sister from way back when I will have to stay better informed about the goings on at HOH… love all my super sisters❤️❤️❤️ …Hugs, Stacy Kelly Girton

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