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Dear New Campers: It’s Okay to be Homesick

Dear New Campers,

My name is Riley H. I have been a camper at Heart O’ the Hills for five years. During siesta, I decided to write a letter to you about being homesick at camp. I’m a reliable source because my first time at camp I was homesick too.Heart O' the Hills Camp

If you don’t know what homesick means it is

When you are longing for home or missing your family.

Sometimes being homesick can cause you to be grumpy, sad, angry or weary. It can also make you cry. When you are homesick you take your emotions out on other people like your tribe, cabin mates and etc. You have to realize that you are not alone. Everybody here at Heart O’ the Hills has gotten homesick at least once even your counselor.

I encourage you to not let this feeling bring you down from having a good time at camp. Don’t be afraid to tell someone when you’re homesick. Jane, the counselors and your friends will be there to help you. The Heart is a special place to make great memories, don’t let homesickness hold you back.

– Riley H.

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