We believe in catching water!

“RainwRainwater is good waterater catchment” means collecting those precious drops of rain off our own roofs and using that water as we need it. We always joke about how our annual rainfall of 32” arrives in two different rain events, with nothing in between—but it’s not that far from the truth!

Take these past few months for example. During the entire period of time we had camp, we received only 3.09”, and in the nearly three months since, it’s been 21.56”!

Catching that water and spreading out its use when we really need it is a thing of beauty!

This past spring, we installed three water catchment tanks, one on the Trading Post and two on the Village, to use for irrigation. They have stayed nearly full but have been so perfect for watering the lawn and landscaping.

During camp, counselor Katie Bowden sketched out some whimsical adornments of bees, fireflies and flowers for the Pawnee tank, Shawnee tank, and the UGRA tank. The Upper Guadalupe River Authority helped us offset costs by providing a grant for water conservation. We were so proud to win that award!

Our Pawnee Water Tank Shawnee Water Tank

Trading Post Water Tank





Also, three years ago, when we built a house on the hill for Monique and Nick Rode, we opted for water catchment as their sole source of water. It was with some trepidation, because we weren’t sure we would catch enough rain for that, but their tank has never been more than half empty. It’s a big one, though! Monique and Nick always have the best quality of water for drinking, bathing, cooking, and washing clothes and dishes! And frankly, I have to admit to having water quality envy!

I guess you could say we are still in the experimental stages with water catchment, but all our results are wonderful. We are happy to receive the bounty God gives us from the skies and use it in the best way we can.

I have a strong feeling that more water catchment will be seen here at Heart O’ the Hills!

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