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Camper to Staff Ratio: What Makes The Heart Special

When giving tours, a popular question is: “What makes Heart O’ the Hills special?” Well, our community of course! Heart O’ the Hills’ community is close-knit because of its size. We have a low camper to staff ratio, allowing our staff to truly attend to each camper.

Because of our low camper to staff ratio, we are able to keep classes small and engaging. In addition to the counselors that teach our classes, we have Heart LITes, our leaders-in-training, help with classes and overall supervision. 

For the youngest age division, our cabins hold five campers per counselor. LITes are assigned to these cabins to ensure the morning and evening routines go smoothly. So the ratio is more like five campers per two staff members. Because they are more self-sufficient, our older age groups have larger cabins with a slightly higher camper to counselor ratio.  

In addition to our counselors and LITes keeping up with the kiddos, our Head Staff members also keep a keen eye. Before the start of the term, Head Staff members are assigned to be the point of contact for new camper families. During the term, the Head Staff member keeps up with their campers, calling their campers’ family once a week to check in.

At The Heart, everyone knows everyone. We frequently encourage our campers and counselors to make friends with everyone around them. Coupled with our programming, our small camper population allows for quick, and lasting, friendships to form.

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