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Summer Resolutions: Honor Siesta

At The Heart we are all about tradition, especially Siesta, which is about as old as time. The sun may be high in the Texas sky around 2 pm but our campers are lying low in their tepees! Siesta provides a chance for our girls to escape from the heat and recharge during the hottest hours of the day. 

Though napping is not a requirement, it is encouraged. All of our girls are expected to be quiet enough that their tepee-mates may sleep. Campers may read, write, and draw. Siesta is an ideal opportunity for campers to write letters! So be sure to send them with a small address book so that they may write their friends and family! 

Summer days are long, especially at camp where our girls are busy from sun-up to sun-down! Campers and counselors alike get ample exercise, engagement, challenges, and fun! But they also need to wind down for a little while so they don’t run themselves ragged! When campers nap during Siesta, they give their minds and bodies a chance to recharge. Siesta provides renewed focus, new surges of energy and creativity! Afterwards, campers are ready to tackle the latter half of the day! Try it out at home and see for yourself! A catnap, or if time allows, a 90 minute nap, can improve the energy of everyone in your household. In today’s society we are always rushing, rushing, rushing to get things done! But really we need to take time to nourish our bodies and brains. Talk to your camper about the importance of her brain development and simple ways for them to set aside time for recharging themselves. Such a as a quick Siesta!

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